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Achieving Work-Life Balance: Emerging Leader Edition

by Elena Forbes

images (1).jpgThere’s a certain irony to this post, considering that I’m the one writing it. This fall alone I am working two and a half jobs, my last year of graduate school, an Ambassador post with another arts symposium, EALDC (obviously), an arts blog, and various other arts, volunteer, and contract positions. If you notice, not included on that list are any of my personal commitments....friends, family, social gatherings, happy hours. It sounds like too much, even to me. So what makes me qualified to talk about this you ask? If I’m not being too bold, I feel like I am surviving it all quite successfully and that I have a healthy, if not occasionally chaotic, work-life balance.

In truth, I struggled with how to write and word this post. Despite having what I feel is a solid grip on everything on my to-do list, evenly prioritizing my work and my personal life is something I still have to work very hard to achieve. And on top of that, I believe that there is no “perfect formula” for achieving said work-life balance. So all things considered, I figured that at the very least I could share a few things have proven particularly successful in keeping myself sane and evenly divided....  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

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